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Promax from Maximuscle

The beauty of Promax from Maximuscle is that any gym user, weight trainer, body builder or athlete needs protein to attain peak performance; be it muscle mass, body tone, power, strength or recovery.

However, while there are many protein supplements on the market to support your goals - Maximuscle Promax is regarded as one of the finest available. The Promax protein supplement is used by Rugby Internationals like Tom Rees and is helping thousands of serious fitness enthusiasts attain their goals.

Over the past decade, Maximuscle's Promax protein has been refined to extremely pure and advanced nutrient levels - and the website offers an excellent source of information regarding the protein needs of anyone who exercises regularly - including gym users, dieters, body builders and even endurance athletes.

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Containing Biomax whey this exclusive protein blend contains digestive enzymes, whey protein isolate, hydrolysed whey and whey peptides to give a very fast delivery of muscle building amino acids

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There's now hundreds of protein supplements available to fitness enthusiasts - so it's critical to know why a product like Promax may be superior to cheaper brands. Firstly, Promax contains Biomax whey - an exclusive Maximuscle protein blend that contains digestive enzymes, whey protein isolate, hydrolysed whey and whey peptides - providing a very fast delivery of muscle building amino acids. In addition, Promax is also the only protein supplement to contain 'Nitrogain' muscle support nutrients - NAC, Taurine, chromium polynicotinate, and glutamine peptides. Each scoop of Promax contains 26g of pure whey protein and is very low in lactose, with no cheap proteins such as egg, skimmed milk, soya and casein. Unlike many protein supplements - Promax is based on real science, and is a first-class choice for supporting strength, muscle growth, performance and well-being.

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In summary - if you're lacking high quality protein, Promax is one of the very finest choices for rapidly giving your muscles the building-blocks they need for growth.




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