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Cyclone from Maximuscle

The all in one Cyclone sports supplement from Maximuscle helps you with building lean muscle mass - it can't help with the dedication to heavy resistance training and adequate rest that you need though. Maximuscle are one sports nutrition company who have taken the guess work out of consuming the ideal growth nutrition - 'Cyclone'.

Rugby internationals such as Tom Rees, Gavin Henson and Josh Lewsey have all used Cyclone to add lean muscle mass as fast as possible. The big advantage of using Cyclone is the fact it takes the guess work out of which muscle building nutrients to consume. Maximuscle have over a decade of research proven expertise - and it's all in Cyclone.

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All-in-one formula designed to rapidly refuel muscles after training, reduce muscle breakdown and aid rapid muscle growth

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Cyclone contains research proven levels of glutamine, Maxpure creatine, HMB, Beta-Ecdysterone, Biomax whey protein and dextrose. The all-in-one formula is designed to rapidly refuel muscles after training, reduce muscle breakdown, support strength levels and ultimately aid rapid muscle growth.

Cyclone is designed to deliver noticeable results in as little as 7 days - assuming you're training hard and consuming a sufficiently nutritious diet. Although your can use other products in addition to Cyclone - for many people this one product will provide all the muscle building nutrition you need, with great convenience.

Added Value

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The ingredients in Cyclone can be bought separately, but it would cost a small fortune - making this product excellent value for anyone serious about building a great physique.




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