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Receptionist careers

Are you interested in receptionist jobs & careers in the fitness industry? Receptionist jobs provide a strong career in administration, but there are a few things you need to know before you enter into receptionist work. Firstly, what qualifications do you need to possess before you enter into this work? Are there specific skill sets or a level of training that it is advisable to obtain in order to enter into reception work? It is important to make sure you are well informed about the position you are interested in - this will make the process of a career change that much easier for you. Read on and learn what you need to know before you enter into receptionist work.

There are a few basic skills that a receptionist needs no matter what industry they work for. Excellent communication skills and good knowledge of computer systems are both important assets. Within the health and wellness industry, the provision of excellent customer service is of particular importance as a truly satisfied customer is also a loyal customer thus ensuring a large and stable clientele.

While this line of work does not necessarily have base entrance requirements, there are a few specific certifications and qualifications that you can seek to obtain. Some employers recommend the completion of a GCSE (A-C)/S grades 1-3. In addition, some knowledge of or experience in a clerical or secretarial position is beneficial. Language skills and confidence in some mathematical/numerical skills are also recommended.

Within the health and wellness industry, there are several certifications that can be useful to those aspiring for this career. These include:

  • Certificate in General Practice
  • Intermediate Diploma in Medical Administration

For further information, applicants can contact the Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Reception (AMSPAR), or the OCR (RSA) Examination Board. Some organizations also offer apprenticeships, specifically for those less than 24 years of age.

Once you have completed your training, you could earn up to £11,000 per year (to start). After a few years, once you have gained more experience, you could earn anywhere from £12,000 to £15,000 per year. With a high level of expertise could earn over £17,000 per year. Does this sound promising? Begin you career in the health industry today!

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