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Human resources careers

Why not look for Human Resources Manager jobs & careers in the Fitness Industry and discover a new career today! Do you have great people skills, a strong head for business and a passion for the sports and leisure sector?

If you do then human resources manager jobs could be for you. As a human resources manager you'd play a real hands-on role in improving the working lives of the wide variety of people employed by the sports and leisure sector at health, sports and athletics and leisure facilities across the UK.

If you decide to become a Human Resources Manager in the fitness industry, you'll also be embracing an interesting and diverse career path with plenty of opportunity for advancement. But do you have the skills and qualifications required to do this? How can you identify and develop the skills you need?

To become a Human Resources Manager in the fitness industry you will need to have practical experience in the field, coupled with some form of relevant educational qualifications.

Many people begin by taking an entry level job in the human resources department of an organization they are interested in working for, and slowly gain experience in all of the different facets of the job, from recruitment to payroll to employer-employee relations.

Many organizations also place a high value on a university degree in Personnel and Development, Business or similar. However, a degree shouldn't be viewed as a replacement for practical experience, and you will still need to take a lower level position in order to gain an understanding of the job requirements at the particular organization you work for.

As a way to strengthen your position and increase potential for advancement, you'll probably want to begin working towards the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualifications. Support level qualifications include: The Certificate in Personnel Practice (CPP), The Certificate in Recruitment and Selection (CRS), The Certificate in Training Practice (CTP) and the Certificate in Employment Relations, Law and Practice (CERLAP). You can also gain qualifications through the CIPD Professional Development Scheme, and later move on to complete your NVQs/SVQs.

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