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Pregnancy Pilates

If you are looking for a good way to maintain your strength, give pregnancy pilates some thought.

While usually most women will not continue to strength training all the way up until they give birth because of the great amount of stress this will place on their body, performing some pregnancy pilates is one good way you can help retain muscular strength without overly taxing your body.

Since most pregnancy pilates exercises are done either in an upright position or lying on your back, it makes it ideal for those who are expecting. You never want to be performing any movements lying on your stomach or bent over as this places the baby in an awkward position.

Once you pass the first trimester it is also recommended that you avoid exercises on the back as well and furthermore not place the feet above the head at any point. You are still free however to do a variety of exercises in a sitting position with legs crossed in front of you or stretched outwards. Also, during this time you should avoid any sharp, sudden movements and instead focus on ones that are more relaxing in nature.

Be sure to include plenty of exercises that will focus in on improving your core strength though as this will be very helpful during the childbirth as well as afterwards in terms of getting back to your former size. When the abdominal muscles become very weak during these nine months it makes for more work toning them back up so the stomach resumes a more flat and tight appearance.

So look into your fitness center and see if they offer this type of class. Planning to be active during the entire time is one of the best ways to combat stress and help you feel better both physically and emotionally.




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