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Pregnancy Clothes

Some people have a very negative image in mind when they think about pregnancy clothes. They think that they are going to grow out of all their old clothes and will have to resort to wearing bag-like shirts and dresses for the next nine months.

Fortunately, fashion has come a long way in the last few years and now there is a wide selection of pregnancy clothes to choose from.

You will likely still be able to find regular pants such as jeans and khaki's, only they will have a built in elastic waist type of thing in the front so as to accommodate your stomach area. This will ensure maximum comfort but will also allow you to continue dressing normally for work functions or more formal outings.

When choosing the types of fabric for your pregnancy clothes, your safest bet is to choose ones that have some stretch in them all around as you will likely feel a lot more comfortable. Additionally, try and choose plain, solid colors as much as you can because striped and patterned fabrics can cause you to appear bigger than you are.

With the waist area in general, don't be afraid to go up a size as you need to. Trying to squeeze into something that's too tight just to serve your ego is not a good idea at all because not only will it be uncomfortable, but it can start to restrict blood flow if it's tight enough.

One piece of clothing that you want to pay particular attention to is the bra. Since your breasts are going to be growing considerably during this time, you need to ensure you get something supportive to reduce the risk sagginess will start to happen. Look for one that has extra fastening hooks as well so that you can increase the size of it as your progress along.

Finally, choose shoes that have a flat sole because there will already be enough stress placed on your lower back due to the increased size of your stomach. If you add more stress because of high heels you are definitely asking for a back injury.

So don't think just because you are expecting it means your fashion sense will have to go out the window. There are plenty of stylish options out there that are not only comfortable but will make you look great.




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