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Coaching using neuro-linguistic programming

If you are currently considering going into NLP coaching there are a few important things to keep in mind. First realize that this is one of the fastest growing professions so as you progress through your NLP coaching program you are likely to meet a vast number of individuals who are also making this a major part of their life. Interacting with these people will help to further your understanding of what your role is and help you perform your job better.

NLP coaching professionals use a variety of processes to connect with their clients, primarily working on guiding them in a personal discovery to increase their awareness of their life situation.

This is done through a conversation that is based on structure, support and feedback. The main difference between this and counselling however is that counselling will try and help provide the individual with a solution whereas this type of training believes the individual possesses their own answer and the trick is to make them aware of this answer through a process of introspection.

Most individuals in this profession conduct their sessions over the telephone so it can be suited very nicely to those who are also working other jobs. Others will communicate through e-mail as well while still others prefer to only work one-on-one in person. The use of technology however allows you to expand upon your geographic range and have clients from all over the world. Your role will basically be to provide a safe space where the client is able to access the inner working of their mind and existence, while guiding them to come to their own conclusions about why they are dealing with the issues they are and what changes they can make to help improve the overall situation. It is important to remember however that you are not there to judge nor offer your opinion. You are simply a facilitator in the process and must be sure to create the absolute most comfortable environment for your client. You can ask the clients to make actions in their lives, such as changing one thing for the health of their well-being, to which they can accept or negotiate on. This allows you both to build a working relationship, which is based on an understanding that the client always has the final say as to what they are comfortable with. So if you are thinking about entering this profession, check out the local organizations that offer programs. Be sure that it comes with as much hands on work as possible as this will help give you the most experience for when you really start dealing with individuals and their life issues.




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