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Core Ball

Potentially the best piece of equipment for your abdominal muscles is a core ball. The biggest reason why using a core ball as part of your workout program is so beneficial is because it will decrease the base of support you are using while also increasing your instability.

This means that more muscle fibers in your body will be required to work so that you can not only perform the exercise but also prevent yourself from becoming off balance.

You can buy a core ball in a variety of different sizes and making sure you get the right one is important. Typically when laying on top of it you want your knees to be at about a ninety degree angle when they are placed directly in front of you, feet flat on the floor. If it is too large you will really have trouble balancing properly on it whereas if it is too small it will make it more challenging to perform a wide variety of exercises.

Also be sure that it is inflated to an appropriate pressure. Again the key here is aiming for a medium amount of pressure so that it is not so soft you sink right down when lying on it but not so hard that it has no give whatsoever. Since the whole point is to increase your instability, if there is no room for the ball to give slightly when pressure is added (your body weight), it will be very hard to accomplish this goal.

So look into purchasing this piece of equipment today. You can find them in almost all major department stores or any fitness retailer. Most will also come with a pump so that you can add more air any time it starts to get low.




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