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Dumbbell Side Raise

What it does?

This exercise isolates the deltoid muscles and is great for developing the shoulders. It is important not to focus on just one part of the shoulder so combine this with our other exercises.

What you need?


How do you do it?

- Stand upright with your knees slightly bent
- Hold a dumbbell in each hand by your sides with your palms facing towards you
- Raise the dumbbells out to each side up to shoulder height, trying to keep the arms as straight as possible
- Hold for a second at the top then lower them back down to your sides
- Do 8-12 repetitions

Key Points

- It is an isolating exercise so don't expect to lift heavy weights
- Keep the movement slow and controlled by focusing on using your shoulders
- Avoid raising the dumbbells by swinging them as this will not effectively target the shoulders



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