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Barbell Shoulder Press

What it does?

This exercise targets the main muscles of the shoulders and triceps. Vary your workout by adding this to your program. It can be performed either sitting or standing up.

What you need?


How do you do it?

- Start off sitting or standing upright with feet about shoulder width apart
- Hold a barbell with a wide grip at the top of your chest, just in front of your neck
- Raise the bar by pushing up and extending your arms
- Hold at the top for 1-2 seconds then lower the bar back down to the start
- Repeat 8-12 times and do 3 sets

Key Points

- Avoid leaning back or 'arching' your back when pressing up
- Keep your back in its neutral alignment with a slight curve in the lower region
- Always use caution when lifting weights overhead, start off slowly



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