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Glutes Exercise

One of the most popular requests from females these days is for glute exercise. Almost all gym goers want to firm up their back side. By performing the right type of glute exercise two to three times a week as part of a regular strength training routine this goal can easily be accomplished.

One of the biggest mistakes that individuals often make when it comes to glute exercise is not performing movements that utilize a maximum number of fibres or enough weight. How many times have you seen someone doing donkey kickbacks with a two pound ankle weight strapped to their foot? Probably too often to remember. This is not the best way to go about doing this.

Muscles always respond best to an overloading stimulus so this needs to be the goal. Rather than doing your laying side kicks, incorporate some lunges. Lunges are a great movement and will really help to firm up your upper back leg. To do them, step forward on one foot while simultaneously bending the back and front knee to lower yourself to the ground. You can perform this exercise while walking and moving forward or while remaining in one spot. Just remember to keep your knees following in a line straight over top of your toes.

Another movement to do is one legged split squats. These will really zero in on the bum muscle, even more than a regular squat would. To perform it, stand in front of a flat bench and then place one leg up behind you. It should not be so high as to throw you off balance but high enough so that your knee ends up at about a ninety degree angle. Next, holding either a set of dumbbells at your sides or a barbell against your back, lower yourself as far down to the floor as you can. The knee of the leg that is raised on the bench should approach the floor while you do this.

Once you reach the lower portion, pause and then rise up once again to complete the set. Switch legs and repeat once you are finished.

So step away from all the past movements you are doing in the high rep ranges with little weights and move towards movements that really challenge you and will get you real results.




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