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Chest Exercise

The nice thing about performing chest exercises is that when you do it you are also indirectly working a few other muscles as well. The triceps in particular are really called into play in the various chest exercise movements you do so this means you will not have to devote as much time to working them singularly.

The top chest exercise to perform is a bench press. This one is usually considered the 'king' of movements because it is where you are able to develop the most force and thus stimulate the greatest number of muscle fibres. It is really important to remember while performing it however that you must breathe. Far too many people have a tendency to hold in their breath while performing it which can lead to a big rise in blood pressure if not careful. Furthermore, when you utilize proper breathing technique you are also able to generate even more force so that again aids in the progression of your lift.

The second point to remember on this movement is that your back must stay flat against the bench. If you let it rise up, as often it does when one lifts a heavy amount of weight, you will really place a lot of force upon the lower back vertebrae that could potentially lead to back pain. Think of squeezing your stomach muscles while attempting the bench press to avoid this.

Whether or not you want to place your feet on the floor during the movement or up on the bench is a personal preference. Some like it one way while others prefer the opposite. Usually individuals who like it on the bench find it helps them maintain that flat back position so for them it is definitely beneficial to do it this way.

So when reviewing your workout plan, make sure the bench press is included in there if you want to see maximum results and muscular development.




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