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Weight loss & hypnosis

Treating weight loss with hypnosis can be an effective way for people to deal with this difficult issue.

When people decide to use hypnosis to deal with weight loss, they are embarking on a course that has a far better record of success than dieting - indeed, according to the research, people who embark on a diet are likely to weigh more 12 months later, not less!

So how is treating weight loss with hypnosis different? The reason it can be so effective is that is gets to the root cause of the problem - this is not therefore about what you eat per se, but about why you eat, and how you feel about yourself.

Hypnotherapy works by creating a state of raised focus and awareness in which suggestions that are made, whether by the therapist or by you, are much more likely to be acted upon than in normal circumstances.

Thus the therapist will not be talking to you about your diet, but rather about you. For example, they can help you to develop a new self image - being able to see yourself in the future, with the extra pounds gone, is a powerful way to make your chosen future become real.

Other ways they can work with you include helping you to be more relaxed about the whole issue - because stress is often a major contributor to bad eating - and getting you to think positively about yourself.

When you combine all of these you can end up with a very powerful effect that helps you to feel that you deserve to eat, look, and feel better - then you go out and achieve it.




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