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Depression & hypnosis

The treatment of depression with hypnosis is a powerful way for people to deal positively with this debilitating disease.

The first thing that should be said about treating depression with hypnosis is that simply recognising the condition and seeking help is an important first step.

We all have the ability to change, and taking a positive step by seeking out professional help in this way is an acceptance of the fact that we can change, indeed that we want to change, but that it may require some help.

That is crucial for the way in which treatment of depression with hypnosis works. The process is simple in many ways - under the guidance of a skilled therapist, a state of heightened focus and awareness is created. When we are in this state, suggestions are much more likely to be acted upon than in normal conditions.

Most people seeking therapeutic help of this type are in a pattern in which the same old actions, the same old thoughts are repeated, day after day. What is needed is a way to bring some different options, different thoughts, different possibilities of action to the table.

The therapist can therefore help by suggesting ways of doing things differently, giving the client the feeling that they have some choice over their actions.

This is what is typically termed a brief therapy, taking between 7 - 9 sessions, and offers people a real chance to change for the better.




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