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Sexual problems & hypnosis

Therapists who treat sexual problems with hypnosis understand that there is often a psychological dimension to these issues.

Of course, before you can even think about treating sexual problems with hypnosis, you have to deal with, or rule out, physical causes. Thus the first thing to do if you are suffering from these issues is to speak to a doctor in order to ensure that there are no physical causes.

Once physical causes have been eliminated or dealt with, the remaining sexual problems can be helped by hypnosis. This form of treatment has been successful for anorgasmia, impotence and premature ejaculation.

Although the causes may vary, most issues of this nature have a strong psychological component - for example, sometimes stress or anxiety may be issues. In this case, the therapist will work to enhance self esteem and confidence.

This process involves identifying negative or limiting habits and associated ideas, and identifying triggers that can summon negative behaviours or feelings. Instead, the therapist teaches the client how to replace these negative patterns of thoughts and behaviours with positive ones.

Sometimes, simply having an alternative way of thinking or behaving can make all the difference - we often get stuck in patterns of behaviour where we feel we have no alternative.

At other times, the therapist may use regression techniques to locate the source of difficulties. Whichever approach is used, this can be a very powerful way of helping people to overcome this difficult issue.




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