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Hypnotherapy course

Looking for a hypnotherapy course? There are lots to choose from, so the problem is not going to be finding a hypnotherapy course, but finding the right one.

Leaving aside issues of price and location, the biggest consideration will be what type of hypnotherapy course are you looking for? The main types would be:

  • Introductory - these can range from a few hours to a full day, and will give you a taster of the field

  • Personal use - this is a skill that you can use to improve many aspects of your personal life. These courses might range from half a day to several days.

  • Career - if you are considering this as a career, then there are various options for training.

The biggest issue with this area, particularly for those looking to use this skill on other people, is that while it is fairly easy to learn how to induce the hypnotic state in another person, it takes far longer to learn how to use it safely and effectively.

Options for training vary according to whose training program you are looking at. There are Distance Learning options, Online Training, and a variety of workshop based trainings.

At a higher level, there are also options that are based at universities or colleges. With any course of this nature be sure that the training you choose Is recognised by a national governing body such as the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or the British Association of Medical Hypnosis (BAMH).




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