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Self esteem hypnosis

If you want to improve your confidence and self esteem, hypnosis offers a valuable tool to achieve your goals.

The reasons for lacking confidence or self esteem can be many, but hypnosis can help whatever the reason.

Although many people are aware that hypnotherapy is used to deal with issues like addictions and weight loss, treating issues of confidence and self esteem with hypnosis is less well known.

However, this is a tool that can be turned to many uses. The overall process is simple - whether working alone or with a therapist, you enter a trance like state where your conscious mind is no longer dominant.

Once this occurs, you can communicate with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls many of our moods, fears and beliefs, and when we are in this state it is very open to suggestions - thus the things we tell it when in this state are much more likely to be acted upon.

You therefore provide your subconscious mind with alternative ways to behave, changes to your behaviour that will serve your life and make it better. Rather than being a slave to your old behaviour patterns, you create new ones for your subconscious to act upon.

What you are doing, quite literally, is reprogramming your mind with subconscious suggestions that will help you to let go of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you feeling powerless.

Once this process starts, once the positive feelings begin, it can start a cycle in which you are willing to try new things, become a different person, and stop living by an old, limited view of yourself.




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