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Hypnotherapy treatment

What does hypnotherapy treatment actually feel like? What is involved?

For many people, hypnotherapy treatment is a big mystery. Our only experience with it is via the lurid and inaccurate portrayals in movies, or perhaps a live comedy show.

The reality of hypnotherapy treatment is very different from either of these. The practitioner will be a skilled therapist used to dealing with people - he will begin by asking questions to understand what issues you are bringing to the session, and how he can best help you.

Having conducted a thorough understanding of your issues, he will then be able to choose the most appropriate way to treat you.

The actual hypnosis will begin by having you sit in a relaxed and comfortable way in a chair or on a couch. You will be asked to relax your body by breathing deeply and slowly, and the therapist will start talking to you in a calm, monotonous voice, gradually putting you into a hypnotic state.

This state is sometimes described as somewhere between sleep and awake. Profoundly relaxed, yet aware of what is going on, it is a very relaxing state.

Depending on the issues you present with, the therapist might try to extract information from your subconscious mind in order to understand the cause of your problem. They may also make suggestions to your subconscious, offering ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations that might help you to resolve your problem.

Finally they will bring you back out of the trance state. Most people report feeling calm, relaxed and energised, as though they have just had a great night's sleep.




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