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Essentially the use of healing baths for health purposes is the treatment Balneotherapy. It comes from the Latin term for bath. As there are many different types of healing baths, balneotherapy takes many different forms. This includes everything from whirlpools and affusion showers to mineral, thermal, cold, or hydrobaths.

Whether given in a healing bath or pool, balneotherapy always involves the use of water for therapeutic purposes. Wraps may also be used such as those consisting of algae, mud or peat as these can help detoxify and enrich the skin. Water from hot springs or mineral or sea water may be used to ease disharmony within the body. Different forms of treatment are used for different conditions and there is considerable variety.

What are the benefits?
Water can be used to greatly enhance your sense of well being. These forms of treatment are particularly good for easing physical pain caused by muscle strain or arthritis. It's often used as an important part of physio and to help people recover after an injury or operation.

It's also good for back pains and increasing mobility. Water can help to boost the immune system in order to help fight off illness and infection. These treatments have been used to help stroke victims or those suffering from serious conditions such as Parkinson's disease.

They can help you to relax and lower stress levels. Warm baths are particularly good for easing soreness or stiffness and for calming your nerves.

Cold baths on the other hand can help increase circulation and are good for vitality and increased energy. Water is one of the essential ingredients of life and the power of these treatments to improve your physical and mental health cannot be overestimated.



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