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Colonic irrigation

The purpose of colonic irrigation is to cleanse out your large intestine by injecting water into it via your rectum.

A typical session lasts forty-five minutes during which large amounts of water are injected high into your colon. At the same time a trained therapist in colonic irrigation will massage the bowel area to increase the amount of waste and faecal matter that can be removed. Several sessions of colonic irrigation may be necessary to achieve the best results.

What are the benefits of Colonic Irrigation?
Your large intestine is about two and half centimetres wide and five feet long. It's where waste matter is held before being expulsed from the body. Often waste and faeces are not fully removed however and instead build up over extended periods of time. Modern dietary habits, especially the eating of fatty and greasy foods, are believed to be contributing to the clogging up of our colons with toxins. These toxins can then seep back into the blood stream causing illness and discomfort. They also prevent the colon from working properly leading to digestive disorders and constipation. Using these treatments is good for clearing up these problems as well as skin conditions, back pain and fatigue. They are also thought to help prevent serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease. As well as cleaning the colon of toxic and harmful material, they help to stimulate the muscles of the colon so that it works more efficiently in the future. After treatment, people often report feeling lighter, cleaner and healthier.



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