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Lymphatic drainage massage

One potential option for promoting healthy skin is a Lymphatic drainage massage. This involves a very light massage of the skin around the lymph nodes that aims to push the fluid substance towards the correct nodes.

Originally used to treat lymphedema, Lymphatic drainage massage has increased in popularity in recent years. It was first practised by Dr Emil Vodder who discovered that it could be used for wider applications - specifically for enhancing the health and beauty of your skin.

Lymphatic massage can help to reduce swelling or puffiness as well as to heal injuries quicker. A deeply relaxing experience, the rhythm of the massage can help to stimulate your immune system and promote self healing. Skin cells are stimulated to increase their immunity to infections and diseases.

Massaging your lymph nodes also has a a positive effect on connective tissue and leaves you feeling soothed and nurtured. By opening up the lymphatic system, energy is unblocked and encouraged to move more effectively around the body. By moving their hands in a circular motion, the therapist is able to suck the fluid towards the node. This is believed to revitalise skin tissue and can even help to reduce scarring.

While at first considered a kind of beauty treatment, this has been increasingly recognised as a therapy that has many physical and mental benefits. It's particularly useful for soft tissue swelling, including pre and post surgery swelling. It also can help the body to fight infections, such as common cold or flu, as well as kidney or heart problems. It has all the advantages of reducing stress levels as in traditional massage but is very light and can be used on young and old alike. It focuses on the skin and as such can have a positive impact on your overall physical appearance.



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