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The temporary removal of hair can be achieved through waxing. Whether it's leg waxing or bikini waxing, hair can be rmeoved for a period of three to eight weeks.

Waxing involves placing a thin layer of wax over your skin covered by a cloth strip. When this strip is removed in one quick movement, the hairs and dead skin cells are removed. Although this removal can be painful, it generally only lasts a moment or two.

Using professional practitioners of waxing is recommended, particularly for sensitive areas such as around male or female genitalia. Skin that is damaged or irritated should not be treated. You should also avoid moles, warts, or pimples.

What are the benefits?

With this form of treatment, the skin is left smooth. Most areas of the body can be treated including your arms, legs, back, abdomen, eyebrows, face, feet, and pubic area. When hair grows back, it is not rough and thick as often happens with hair that has been shaved. Instead the re-growth tends to be thinner and softer. It does not promote hair growth and repeated treatment can reduce the amount of hair that grows back. As the hair is pulled out as opposed to merely shaved back, it takes longer to return thus saving you the inconvenience of continuous shaving.

Bikini treatments, or indeed the full Brazilian which leaves you with only the thinnest strip of pubic hair, have become increasingly popular as more of us hit the beaches in the tiniest of thongs. If you want to catch a tan without having to worry about unsightly hair, this can be a very practical option. Hair removal can increase your confidence and sense of attractiveness. Looking good helps you to feel good and boosts your overall sense of well being.



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