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A very common form of back pain, Sciatica symptoms are very similar to a slipped disc as there is focussed pain at the lower back region.

With Sciatica, the main nerves in your legs become compressed right at the point at which they enter the spine. Often more frequent with older people due to osteporosis, all ages can sufer from this debilitating condition.

The Sciatica nerve is the largest nerve in the body. They run from the base of the spine down throughout legs and divide into separate branches at each knee. Sciatic pain, which will vary in intensity and duration is often felt at the back of the leg, below the knee and also in the buttocks. it may also be accompanied by lower back pain and a numbness and tingling sensation. It is also common for only one leg to be affected by the condition.

As mentioned above, causes vary by age such as Osteoporosis in older people. In younger people it can often be a prolapsed or slipped disc that causes Sciatica. If you also tend to slouch or sit badly this can also contribute to your chances of getting the condition.

Sciatica can clear up almost immediately however it is also common to use anti-inflammatory medications and various forms of physiotherapy to help during painful periods. This includes chiropracters and osteopaths. In fact most sufferers require painkillers and some also require epidural injections to hepl with the pain.

Lastly, older people in particular should be very careful to sit comfortably, increase exercise and also eat a healthy diet to minimise their risks.



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