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Physiotherapy jobs

If you are looking for physiotherapy jobs in London or anywhere else in the UK, then you'll likely know what's involved. An excellent career - physiotherapy jobs can be anywhere from the NHS through to private clincs and now increasingly health clubs.

So what do physiotherapy jobs actually involve? In short, providing assessments of physical function and using exercises and other physical treatments to promote healing. So if this sounds like it interests you, how would you go about finding a job as a physiotherapist?

There are a number of routes. Many opportunities for a trained physiotherapists are within the NHS, based at a hospital or in the community in health centres, clinics and GP surgeries. If you work for a local authority, a voluntary organisation or in the private sector, the work could be in a hospital, clinic, hospice, nursing home or fitness centre.

In the NHS you will typically work a 36 hour week which might include weekend work and being on call. Salaries range from at least £18,240 a year (newly-qualified), to more than £49,000 a year for a consultant. Within the NHS promotion is possible to senior positions such as superintendent, head of department, or consultant. There are also new extended scope practitioners who take on a wider role in the diagnosis and delivery of health care.

Once you become more experienced, there are opportunities to specialise in a variety of areas, such as orthopaedics, community sports medicine, oncology, neurology, obstetrics, occupational health, or working with children or elderly people. It is also possible to move into research or teaching, or health service management. Others find work on a self-employed basis, or even find openings to work abroad.

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