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Chavutti thai massage

A relatively new form of Thai Massage, Chavutti Thai is evolved from the practice of Ayurvedic bare foot massage and more traditional deep tissue Thai massage developed by Kingsley Ogedengbe.

Kingsley was an athlete and 400-meter London champion, who competed all over Europe. His career was cut short due to reoccurring injuries. So he moved his attention into personal training and into Thai Massage to focus on deep tissue effects.

Chavutti Thai as a deep tissue massage therapy, accelerates muscle recovery to hepl alleviate the aches and pains of physical exercise. A typical treatment involves beginning with Thai stretches and is followed by a massage administered by the foot with the practitioner holding onto a rope for support. The treatment gives great relief for muscle aches and pains, headaches, insomnia, headaches, back pain and poor posture.

The treatment includes a series of gentle twists and stretches designed specifically to open and prepare the body. Therapeutic oil is then applied with the bare foot using long, deep, rhythmical strokes. The initial twists and stretches are followed by progressive strokes using the foot and your muscles are lengthened and stretched. This results in a longer, leaner look and feel in the body.

Sometimes the back muscles can become strained creating uneven force on the spine that eventually leads to curvature. This form of massage relaxes and lengthens these muscles giving you more length in the spine. This results in a look and feel of being taller and lighter. By simply by lengthening the back muscles through this treatment system pains and headaches can be eased.



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