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If you want to find some great cosmetic tips, then check out our make-up section for just some of th etricks of the trade. If you want to look like you just stepped off the pages of a magazine, then the benefits of some cosmetic tips and tricks will leave you with beautiful subtle make-up.

It's not as difficult to achieve as you might think it is. Forget about the benefits of cosmetic surgery, the right products can work wonders with no pain at all. You are bound to know some of them - but bet there's some you don't!

The cosmetic tips and tricks that can help accentuate your features (without looking overly 'made up') are usually very quick and simple and backed up by professional makeup artists in all the hot fashion centres; from New York to Paris, to Milan to here at home in London. A little education in the tips and tricks of the professional makeup artists from salons to film sets can help you to look glamourous too! Read on for the benefits of cosmetic tips and tricks that can transform you!

  • Use a light hand with foundation. The secret to foundation is to use it to even out your skin tone, which means adding it to cover up discolorations or uneven colouring. Your real skin should show through in several places, giving you an authentic glow. If you slather foundation indiscriminately all over your face and neck you'll get a 'flat' look where your face doesn't seem to reflect any light. Also, it will be very apparent that your 'flawless' complexion comes from a bottle.
  • Choose your make up shades to flatter your skin tones, not simply because the colour is fashionable. Make up is meant to make you look beautiful. When choosing colours look at your own skin's under tones. Pinky complexions should steer clear of make up shades with yellow undertones. Yellow undertones look brilliant on olive skin, but tend to make pale skin with pink or blue undertones look sickly.
  • The best make up application flatters the woman, not the make up. In applying your make up, use a light hand. Follow the natural contours of your face, and apply dark colours to deepen existing shadows and lighter colours to enhance natural highlights. Make it your goal to look like you barely wear any make up. It's a much bigger compliment if someone says "you've got lovely eyelashes" than "I like your mascara".
  • After applying lipstick, a touch of gloss on your lower lip will make even thin lips seem full and kissable.
  • Blusher should be applied across the cheekbone leading up into the hairline, not all over your cheeks or in a round circle.

Use these pointers to achieve a beautiful, natural look!



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