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Pregnancy clothes - dressing right

One of the most beautiful and exciting things in a woman's life, make sure your pregnancy clothes are right. But with so many changes happening to you in such a short period of time, many women haven't got the first idea of how to dress for pregnancy and what sort of pregnancy clothes are right for the trimester you're in.

When most of us think about how to dress for pregnancy we come up with images of our mothers in oversized, baggy clothing designed to hide their bump from the world. But thanks to the recent wave of high profile celebrity pregnancies, the accepted idea of how to dress for pregnancy is changing.

The old idea of hiding the bump, and of maternity fashions being dull and uninteresting no longer reflects the status quo. The notion of what to wear in pregnancy has opened up to allow for mothers-to-be to be proud of their bump, and dress in a way that allows them to feel like beautiful, fashionable women.

The first rule of thumb for how to dress for pregnancy is to continue to make dress choices that reflect your style sense and personality. You need to feel comfortable with your choices, bump or no bump! For those who need a little guidance, here are some basic ideas for dressing up your bump:

  • Pick clothes that create clean lines. Clean lines will reveal your bump without making it the point of focus. And clean lines are always classic. Invest in a great stretchy jumper dress, which you may even be able to continue to wear after the baby is born.
  • Invest in some top quality maternity jeans. Jeans are versatile and comfortable, which is important if you're expecting. And if you buy a good brand name the cut and style will be fashionable and even sexy!
  • Bias-cut wrap around tops and dresses are great because they work for day or evening wear, and you can adjust them to fit you over the entire 9 months. And you can keep them for wear post-birth as well!
  • Empire-cut dresses and tops are also a must-have for all the reasons above.
  • Ballet Pumps are stylish and comfortable. Get several pairs!
  • A word to the wise - avoid crop tops and plunging necklines which tend to look tacky.



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