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Eye Liner

Thanks to fashionistas like Amy Winehouse, liquid eye liner is back on the fashion scene in a big way for eye make up.

If you're anxious to achieve Amy's 60's throwback effect with eye liner, but don't have the first idea how to go about choosing and applying a liquid eye liner, read on!

Liquid eye liner creates a very different effect from ordinary pencil eye liner. While ordinary pencil eye liner serves to gently enhance the eyes and make the lashes look naturally thicker, the liquid variety is a dramatic statement in and of itself - a very obvious make up stylization. For this reason, it's never a good idea to apply the liquid to your lower lid - for this you will want to resort to the pencil. The liquid must be applied only to the upper lid.

Though the most popular shade for the liquid form is black, there are a variety of shades to choose from on the market. As a general rule, dark shades of brown and black look best on dark eyes, whereas lighter, more playful colours can emphasize blue and green eyes. However, the good thing about the drama of the liquid form of this make up is that making it really stand out is half the point - so feel free to experiment with a variety of shades.

When it comes time to apply the liquid, you'll need a steady hand. The best way to apply this kind of make up is to first apply all your other make up to prevent smudging. Once you've done this, though it's tempting to close you eye before applying, try and keep it open as this will make it easier to follow the line of the eye. Don't feel the need to make one continuous line - a series of small dashes will get the job done much more smoothly. If you require a thicker line, build it up naturally.

Keep at it - remember, practice makes perfect! when you need to remove the makeup take our advice and follow this link.



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