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Water jet massage

Hydrojet massage is a form of underwater pressure treatment in which you lie in a special bath. With waterjet massage, special nozzles shoot a stream of warm water at varying pressures.

The advantage of waterjet massage is that these different pressures allow the treatment to reach different levels of the body from the skin to underlying muscle layers to the internal organs. Lying in the bath is relaxing in itself and the pressurised warm water, varying from .5 pressure units to a maximum of 7, feels very pleasant. Treatment generally lasts up to half an hour with time given for you to adjust to being in the water.

What are the benefits?
This treatment can help to stimulate muscles without causing any strain on the heart. For this reason, it's popular with athletes to help recover from strenuous exercise or training.

While it shouldn't be used on recent injuries, it's good for overall fitness as it leaves you feeling more energetic and invigorated. It soothes aches and pains as well as helping to lower stress levels. It's particularly good for pain in the neck, shoulders and back caused by tension or bad posture.

By increasing circulation, it brings more nutrients and oxygen to your skin. Many claim that regular treatment has made them feel and look younger. It can help with digestion by relaxing the muscles of your abdomen and intestines as well as ensuring your liver functions better. By relaxing both the body and the mind, it eases chronic fatigue and promotes a greater overall sense of well being.



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