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Hot stone therapy and massage

The Hot stone therapy massage, essentially involves applying basalt stones that have been water heated. They are placed on key points of the body. With hot stone therapy, different sized stones are used and the temperature varies depending on the treatment.

Hot stone therapy is deep and gives you a great relaxing feeling of warmth and comfort. The heated basalt stones are often interchanged with cool marble stones. This helps promote the body's self healing mechanisms as well as being very relaxing and refreshing.

What are the benefits?
The use of different temperatures, whether ice packs or saunas, has been shown to have many beneficial effects on the human body. Cooler marble stones are used to reduce inflammation and treat injured muscles. By causing the blood vessels to constrict, the colder stones stimulate your nervous system. This allows for improved lymph flow as well as ensuring oxygen and nutrients reach your whole body. The warm stones help open up blood vessels so that circulation is improved.

This treatment is particular effective in dealing with poor circulation as well as aches and pains. Athletes find it useful for treating sports injuries such as strained muscles. It also can help ease the pain of arthritis, rheumatism or back pain. It's deeply relaxing and has also been used to treat insomnia as well as depression.

As the heat helps to relax the muscles, this treatment can reach tension situated deep within the body. Practitioners hold that this treatment gives you a connection to nature and its profound healing powers.



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