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Swedish massage

Developed in 1812 by Per Henrik Lik, Swedish massage uses oils so that strokes can be smooth and gliding. With Swedish massage, your body is manipulated through a rolling movement of the fingers combined with tapping and vibration.

Swedish massage involves five different movements which give a gentle but firm pressure. Effleurage are long strokes from your neck to the base of your spine or from your shoulder to your fingertips. Petrissage means rolling and squeezing your muscles while gently lifting them from your bones. It includes kneading and pressing. Friction uses deep circular movements while tapotement involves striking or tapping the muscles.

Vibration involves using hand movements to shake the back or arms and legs. Used in combination these movements can have a powerful effect. The process is not painful and oils are used to prevent friction.

What are the benefits?
A form of therapy that is known for its ability to reduce stress levels as well as to heal. This treatment is particularly effective for relieving musclular aches and pains. It improves your circulation as well as being very relaxing and releasing tension. It helps to clear toxins from your nervous system and your muscles.

It's very good for lower back pain as well as easing neck stiffness. By manipulating the muscles, the flow of oxygen and nutrients is greatly improved. It can reach deep lying tension that other treatments fail to address and is very popular with those seeking to cope with busy, modern lives.



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