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Indonesian massage

Its one of the oldest treatments of this kind Indonesian massage is believed to be thousands of years old. It is oil based with the therapist using thumb pressure to reach knotted muscles.

Similar to Ayurvedic, Indonesian massage places an emphasis on 'the science of healthy living.' Indonesian massage is designed to restore balance in your mind, body and spirit. Smooth, deep strokes are used along your energy lines to unblock the flow of your life force. It includes the Javanese and Balinese methods which rely on using deep pressure to release tense muscles and relieve pain.

What are the benefits?
This treatment is particularly useful for treating sports injuries. It's highly effective in dealing with stiff muscles, particularly in the neck, shoulders or back. The emphasis is on reaching the muscles and connective tissue so this is a particularly deep form of treatment using the pressure of pushing.

It has offered relief to those suffering from chronic pain or stiffness in cases where Western drugs have had little effect. It's also good for digestive problems such as heartburn, constipation, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome or bloating. The oil used is generally therapeutic in that it helps improve circulation of the blood and the lymphatic system.

This in turn stimulates your immune system and encourages self healing. After a session, you will feel not only relaxed but re-energised and invigorated. The focus here is on regeneration and revitalising your body by bringing into balance the three basic elements of human life, namely water, fire and air. The aim is to restore the harmony between your mind, body and spirit.



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