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Lomi Lomi massage

Originally from Hawaii the lomi lomi massage is a unique method of healing first practised in ancient Polynesia. The word refers to 'working of the inner and outer body' and the double use implies a deep impact. With lomi lomi massage, you can expect lots of warm oil as well as the use of music and touch. Lomi lomi massage is intended to treat all five of your senses and uses rhythmical, rocking techniques.

It is based on Huna, a philosophical system from Hawaii, which holds that everything in the universe is seeking harmony and love. The Hawaiian concept of love is based on the idea of acceptance, affection, and forgiveness. This form of treatment is also referred to as 'the loving touch.' Humming and hula dance movements are often incorporated as part of this relaxing and spiritual form of therapy.

What are the benefits?
The idea here is that you should let go not only of the physical blockages that trap your energy flow but also negative emotional ideas or patterns that are stored in your body. Therefore the emphasis is on the practitioner employing their loving hands and heart to give you a complete, profound spiritual experience.

Long, continuous strokes are used for complete relaxation of your body and your mind. The Hawaiians believe that healing should be allowed to happen on a physical, mental and spiritual plane as all these levels of our being are entirely interconnected. This treatment often begins with a 'moment of stillness' which may include a blessing or prayer to assist the healing.

There is a close connection between healer and client so you should let them know if you have specific problems you would like addressed. It is a great way to relieve stress and tension, to reduce chronic pain and fatigue, as well as to heal emotional and physical wounds.



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