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Underwater massage

The therapyof under water massage involves lying in a large tub of water. Water is taken from the tub and an internal pump used to create a high pressure stream that passes through a hose. With under water massage, you can expect the temperature to be warm.

While the pressure varies, it should never be painful or stabbing. A treatment of under water massage generally lasts half an hour with a certain amount of time to get used to the bath temperature. The hose is used to massage different parts of the body and you will be asked to move into different positions to allow this.

What are the benefits?
This has all the relaxation of a bath combined with the benefits of a trained therapist to ease your body into a state of balance and harmony. Warm water helps relieve tension and stress.

It's particularly good for minor aches and pains. You will be left feeling energised and invigorated. The use of different pressures can be effective on the skin as well as deeper muscle layers and your internal organs, such as the intestines.

Low pressure is used for athletes with sports injuries. Although very recent injuries or wounds are not recommended to be treated in this way. For muscular pains and sprains however, this therapy can be a great source of relief. It's good for improving circulation and boosting your body's natural defences. Afterwards you'll feel chilled out, cleaner, and healthier. This kind of therapy can be a real treat if you're feeling particularly run down or fatigued.



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