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Hydro Oasis

The relaxing element of a hydro massage is delivered through a type of massage bath. Special lighting effects using different colours are blended with music. Integrated body packs also contribute to feelings of warmth and lightness.

With a hydro massage, you get a deeply relaxing and pleasurable experience. Special jets are used to powerfully spray water, particularly on to your neck and shoulders, so that stress and anxiety are literally washed away. The aim of a hydro massage is that all of your senses will be stimulated while your body has the chance to let go of deep seated tension. Essential oils can also be added to the water. They are then transformed into steam that is inhaled as part of aromatherapy.

What are the benefits?
Stress has now been proven to be a major contributing factor to many different forms of illness and pain. This kind of massage is particularly effective because water has many therapeutic properties that are a powerful aid to healing.

Lowering stress levels will boost your natural immune system allowing your body to fight off disease and illness with greater efficiency. Bathing in water helps to ease aches and pains while the jets are strong enough to provide a deep massage. This helps to improve the circulation of your blood and your lymphatic system as well as releasing deep seated tension stored in your body.

Thanks to the water, your skin is easily able to absorb the essential oils which help to detoxify as well as moisturize and invigorate your skin. Light and colour have been proven to have a huge impact on our mood while music can help you to relax. Stimulating your senses in such a warm and protected atmosphere gives your mind the space for creativity and allows new ideas and approaches to flourish.



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