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Founded in 1995, Maximuscle was founded by sports nutrition expert Zef Eisenberg. Maximuscle is the UK's leading Sports Nutrition Company - offering athletes, gym users, body builders and dieters, over 40 research-supported products to help support health and fitness goals.

Ideal for men and women, the company's safe, great tasting, science-supported products, have helped to take sports nutrition into the mainstream. Maximuscle's pioneering nutritional products are now used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world - from weekend gym warriors, to dieters and elite Olympians.

So, if your goal is to gain muscle, burn fat, recover faster or improve health and fitness - Maximuscle.com can help.

First Impressions

Maximuscle.com features product discounts as well as a wealth of frequently updated training and nutrition information. The homepage features 5 clear goals to click on - leading you to a full page of information and expert tips relating to your aim

One of Maximuscle's key selling points is their goal of providing expert information for free - and the goal pages are certainly well worth reading, regardless of whether you decide to use the recommended products. You can also navigate straight to individual products, download free e-books and training plans, purchase specialist 'product stacks' for optimal results and take advantage of a wealth of free fitness and nutrition tools.

Maximuscle are explicitly a company who cater for all types of people - including a special mini-site focussing on the needs of women when it comes to health, fitness, fat loss and toning.

Services and Products

Maximuscle's 40 plus products are designed to help people attain specific fitness, physique and performance goals - and include high protein supplements, creatine, weight gain and energy products, diet aids, meal replacement bars and shakes and the latest cutting-edge herbal nutrients and amino acid preparations. The way the site is set out makes it easy to match the right products to your personal goal. However, if you have any problems or queries - you can email or phone Maximuscle's fully-trained customer service team.

Added Value

Maximuscle have the reputation as possibly the best Sports Nutrition company in the UK - and the added value offered by Maximuscle.com certainly justifies such claims. Primarily, you can join the free 'Team Maximuscle' - which grants you access to a secure area of the website, and features special products offers, the chance to create your very own product 'stacks', prize competitions and extras such as exclusive editorial and free fitness wallpaper downloads. However, the best feature is the 'Ask a Trainer' function - giving you free email support from Maximuscle's fitness experts.

Most Maximuscle products can also be purchased at a discount by taking advantage of their Buy 3 get 1 Free offers. The free quarterly Maximuscle catalogue is also packed with high quality editorial features, in addition to product information.

All in all - if you're serious about the gym, your fitness and your body - and have a goal for 2009, then visiting Maximuscle.com is highly recommended.




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