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Airline customer service agent jobs

Typically hired by individual airlines, airline customer service agents are typically hired by individual airlines to deal with passenger enquiries about departures and arrivals, and ensure that passengers and baggage board the correct plane. The duties of an airline customer service agent typically include checking passengers in, issuing boarding passes and weighing bags.

Many airline customer service agents start out working seasonally, with the possibility of becoming permanent at the end of the season. Obviously most vacancies are at Heathrow and Gatwick, with more limited opportunities at regional airports such as Stansted, Manchester, East Midlands, Leeds/Bradford, Birmingham and Glasgow.

Working in this role can be a good way to break into this field, leading to openings in other areas of airport work. Other possibilities would include promotion to supervisory or management positions, such as working as a flight dispatcher.

Earnings are around ?10,000 to ?13,000 a year for new employees, rising .to ?20,000 a year as you gain further experience. In addition, there are extra allowances for working overtime or unsocial hours, and also for those who speak foreign languages.

The best place to start your job search beyond here would be the airlines websites which carry information on job vacancies as well as Leisure Jobs. Other places to look for information on jobs and training would include:

  • EMTA Awards Ltd (EAL)
  • GoSkills
  • City and Guilds
  • Airport jobcentres
  • Local
  • newspapers

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