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Air cabin crew jobs

Working on board a plane as a member of the air cabin crew has long been considered a glamorous position, but the reality is that it is hard work, and demands a lot of an individual. Air cabin crew are responsible for the passengers on an aircraft - their safety, welfare, and comfort. Their number one responsibility is passenger safety, which includes a series of specified pre and post flight checks.

They are also expected to offer outstanding customer service by meeting and greeting the passengers in a friendly manner as they board the aircraft, and attending to their needs throughout the journey.

As the industry has become more and more competitive, air cabin crew are expected to help increase profit margins with sales of in-flight drinks, duty free goods and so on. Most opportunities are with the larger British airlines or foreign carriers operating from the UK. There are also seasonal jobs available with airlines such as Britannia Airways Ltd, JMC and First Choice who are linked with travel agents and tour operators.

Speculative applications are quite common in this business, and at times airlines advertise in magazines such as Cosmopolitan. The best places to look for jobs would include the following:

  • Airline websites
  • Flight International
  • Airline People
  • Prospects Graduate
  • Local and national press
  • Recruitment websites that specialise in the airline industry

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