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Reiki 1

The first stage of this healing skill, Reiki 1 introduces you to the essentials you need to understand in order to begin practising on your own.

There are generally three stages to learning - Reiki 1, 2, and finally Master. The process teaches you a series of energy empowerments or attunements - these are processes that activate key energy centres in the body (chakras), allowing our "universal life energy" to flow freely.

It is believed that if the flow of this energy becomes blocked or interrupted, it can result in a variety of disorders and illnesses. By clearing the blockages we can allow the body to begin to naturally heal itself.

At the first stage there are certain basic skills that need to be taught. These include:

  • The history and background
  • How this applies to the modern world
  • The key beliefs - mindfulness, and the use of empowerments
  • How to use daily energy exercises and self-treatments
  • How to use the skills on other people

You will thus learn how to use your hands to channel this life energy. This is the essential skill - it does not come from a book, or from rigorous intellectual study, but rather from experiencing it yourself from a master practitioner.

Any worthwhile course must therefore include the chance to both give and receive a treatment, so you know what it feels like from both points of view.

You will then have the opportunity to practice on yourself and others in your own time.




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