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Reiki healing

An ancient and powerful system, reiki healing is based on ancient Sanskrit texts. It was developed in Japan during the late 1800's by Dr Mikao Usui, and is becoming increasingly popular in the west.

Reiki healing is based on the idea that we have a universal life energy that flows through our body - interferences or blockages in this universal life energy can cause a range of illnesses and problems.

Reiki healing is thus applied to the whole body, aiming to cleanse and revitalize the entire system. In contrast, western (allopathic) medicine typically treats the symptoms only, working on one part of the body and ignoring the causes and effects that relate to the whole person.

The effect of this ancient treatment on the patient is one of profound relaxation, as blockages in energy flow are cleared, and toxins are dispersed. Regular treatment will open the energy channels and allow the body to deal with stress and illness in a natural way.

This treatment is used for a whole variety of different illnesses, both physical and mental, including high blood pressure, constipation, skin complaints, and those who suffer from anxiety and stress.

Although this treatment lies outside the realms of western medicine, there is a growing body of scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness. If you are interested in this fascinating method, book a session with your local practitioner to find out what it is all about.




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