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What is reiki?

If you've ever wondered what is reiki, we can answer your question. The word itself means "universal life energy", and it was developed in Japan during the late 1800's by Dr Mikao Usui.

Understanding what is reiki involves learning about the invisible and subtle energy that flows through our body. Dr Usui studied ancient Sanskrit texts to develop the system we now know, which in common with many Eastern medical techniques, recognises and works with energy or life-force (Qi).

Practitioners believe that this energy flows through our body, and is the key to good health. Practices such as this aim to help the body regain this natural energy flow, thus stimulating the body in its own natural healing process. Acupuncture works on similar principles.

This, however, is a more hands-on technique - literally. The practitioner moves his hands over the body, freeing up the flow of energy. For the patient, the feeling is of a wonderful radiance that flows both through and around you.

Unlike western medicine, reiki treats the whole person - body, emotions, mind and spirit - thus helping you to feel better, naturally.

This gentle, ancient healing method has been used to treat a whole range of different illnesses and problems, from psychological and emotional issues such as grief, insomnia, lack of confidence and addictions through to physical ailments like back pain and gastro-intestinal disorders.




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