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Reiki treatment

If you've never experienced a reiki treatment, it will seem quite unusual. This is a system based on ancient Sanskrit texts, translated and developed into a codified system of healing by Dr Mikao Usui in the late 1800's.

Reiki treatment works on the principle that our body has a universal life energy that flows through it, which is the key to good health. However, at times this energy flow can become blocked, causing a variety of different health problems.

Reiki treatment aims to restore the flow of energy through the body, allowing the body to use its own natural healing processes.

This is done by the skill of the practitioner, who uses their hands to transfer and move the energy around the patient's body. The techniques used can involve either gently resting the hands on the body, or holding them above the body for painful or sexually sensitive areas.

This is a very gentle technique. It is non-diagnostic, non-interventionist, and non-manipulative, and no pressure is applied. Indeed, the patient will be fully clothed throughout, as the energy can easily pass through clothes.

The patient can be either sitting comfortably or lying down, and the session will typically last around half an hour. People experience different things while being treated, such as heat, cold, or a gentle tingling. Some feel nothing at all. However, almost everyone finds the experience profoundly relaxing.

This process is used to treat a variety of illnesses and problems of mind, body and sprit. Why not contact your local practitioner to see how it can benefit you?




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