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Reiki classes

There are plenty of reiki classes to choose from, but if you are unfamiliar with this form of spiritual healing, how do you know which reiki classes are right for you?

The first thing to understand when comparing reiki classes is that this is a hands on skill, so anyone who claims that they can teach you via distance learning, or through a book or CD, is not going to provide a genuine learning experience.

In general classes progress form Level I through Level II and ultimately on to Master. It is essential that any class combines lecture, discussion and experience.

For the learning to be effective there must be time to both give and receive a complete treatment. You need to learn and understand all the hand positions, methods of self -treatment, plus the key symbols.

Thus a complete course should include:

  • The key hand positions.
  • Giving a complete treatment to others
  • Receiving a complete treatment
  • Self-treatment
  • The use of reiki for specific conditions

Progressing from one level to the next should take time, with the student having the opportunity to practice after the class is over. This can include self-treatment, plus working with family or friends.

It is only by committing to this practice that you will acquire the experience and confidence you need to fully utilize this amazing healing power.




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