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Reiki masters

Studying at the reiki masters level is the point at which an interest becomes a life's journey. You will typically have been studying and practising for several years, and are now ready to make a life-time commitment to follow this path of spiritual development.

Students pass through the first two levels fairly quickly, learning the basics of energy flow, and working on themselves and others. At level two they will also typically learn the practice of daily meditation, and how to draw and say the names of the symbols.

Reiki masters courses are typically taught over a weekend, although truly mastering the skills will of course take years. Although there is further information imparted at this level, such as different attunements and further symbols, the bulk of the time will be given over to doing attunements.

It is only by giving and receiving attunements under the supervision of an expert that we can truly understand what it feels like - the essential prerequisite for acquiring the skill at a higher level ourselves.

As you become more and more confident giving attunements, you will become more and more adept, more and more able to tap into the essential life force that runs within all of us.

Of course, there is the added bonus that by giving and receiving so many attunements, the class becomes a powerful healing experience for everyone involved.




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