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Toning tables

Developed by Bernard Stauffer in the 1930s, toning tables are designed to re-engineer the body's posture, thus relieving stress on joints and muscles.

Toning tables are a stress free form of exercise in which participants perform more than a dozen exercises designed to:

  • Relax over-used muscles and tighten under-used muscles by equally stimulating deeply positioned postural control muscles

  • Tone and tighten stomach and shoulder muscles to re-position the rib cage, pelvis and shoulders

  • Tone outer muscles to give the body improved form and shape

In developing toning tables, Stauffer used his knowledge of the physiology, anatomy and movement patterns of the body to develop what he termed Induced Rhythmic Motion (IRM) exercises.

Adherents claim that regular use can stimulate increased blood and lymph circulation. They believe that improved lymphatic circulation can help to carry toxins away from the cells and into the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes filter out these toxins, and then allow them to leave the body via the kidneys.

This is a gentle, low stress form of exercise that can be performed by those who find normal exercise, or even walking difficult.

Professional models can costs thousands of pounds, so before you think of purchasing one, it might be best to try one at your local health club or spa to see if you find it beneficial.




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