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Online lifestyle & fitness coaches

Now the paradigm shift! What is essential is the help and guidance to establish such priorities, assign accountability to our plans and take the first steps in faith so that we know like we know like we know this time it will work.
"An Online Lifestyle-Fitness coach builds on your motivation, desires and abilities to find workable solutions and ongoing support to make sure these are implemented successfully for you to get the results you desire"
This translates into the need for more flexible and assessable coaching support to build this kind of motivation and proactive way of thinking to ensure this time you achieve fitness and weight loss success.

The Online Fitness Academy takes this paradigm shift offering personal and small group support and guidance at a whole new level. Utilising today's technologies we offer a flexible and accessible, easy to set up and affordable alternative to find results from your efforts and continued motivation to facilitate a lifelong activity and healthy eating plan.

"Today's technologies with tomorrow's thinking will make fitness success a reality for everyone"
Our sessions are LIVE. This means experienced online lifestyle-fitness coaches of the highest standards guiding and assisting your efforts no matter where you live or move to, whether you like or don't like a gym environment, whether you prefer one-on-one support or group weigh-ins.

Whether you are already reasonably healthy and just want more or whether you have some kind of medical condition or concern about beginning a regular exercise program we are here to help.
"LIVE web/video conferencing helping you stay on-track, online.

Getting started is easy and all you need is an internet connection"
We will ensure you achieve results by meeting online weekly or monthly touching base on both the challenges and successes of the week or month helping build further resolve and determination to keep going guiding your specific diet and exercise plans, motivating you to success.

It isn't the latest gym equipment or weight loss product that will bring guaranteed results, but your personal resolve and willingness to accept a coach into your life to help motivate and sustain your efforts to lose weight and tone up that will!

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