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Online fitness & weight loss thinking

The solutions to today's fitness and weight loss challenges may not be realised in our current thinking and approaches in health and fitness.
"The solutions to today's problems may be found in tomorrow's thinking"
World renown author and personal effectiveness coach Dr Stephen Covey explains that a paradigm shift is often so essential when be seek such significant changes in outcome. And this is not new news, as Albert Einstein talked too about the solutions of today's problems being found in tomorrow's thinking.

The Online Fitness Academy offers this paradigm shift within the health and fitness sector.

For far too long we have been approaching the same problem in the same failing way, assuming the answers to individuals' fitness and weight problems lie in gyms and well meaning fitness advice. We are not seeing enough success from our current efforts and it is time for a different approach.

"Our previous attempts to 'get fit' and 'tone up' just haven't worked.

We already have the personal resources to succeed and with the right support and guidance can succeed this time for all time"
As intelligent and creative beings we are amazing and resourceful and have within us the capabilities to sufficiently change our exercise and eating behaviours to achieve the results we desire including improving the way we look and feel about ourselves forever. We just don't seem to be able to sustain this desire for long enough to realise these results, or we too readily take instead ineffective alternatives that promise quicker and apparently easier fixes that although we know deep down won't work do anyway.

The secret to fitness success lies in our ability to program ourselves for fitness success. Getting clear about what really matters, putting first things first, and believing relentlessly that we already possess or can easily access everything we need to make this happen is key. Working collaboratively with others to find solutions to deliver on these desires is what it is all about.

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