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The Kosmin test


It's easy to predict your 800m and 1500m times with the Kosmin Test, without running the full distances.

What is the point?

Athletes need easy ways to predict their race performance and adjust their training without running the full distance. You can predict your 800m and 1500m times with the Kosmin Test in as little as ten minutes.

What do you need?

  • 400 metre track
  • Stopwatch
  • An assistant
How do you do the test?

There is a different protocol for each distance.

  • 800 metres: Run 60 seconds flat out, stop, recover for 3 minutes, then run a further 60 seconds from the point where the first run finished. Record the total distance covered by the two runs.
  • 1500 metres: As for the 800 metres, except there are 4 one minute runs, with a diminishing recovery of 3 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute. Each run commences from the point where the previous run was completed. Record the total distance covered by the four runs.

What results you'll get :

Due to their sheer size, Kosmin tables are not shown here. However, potential 800 metre or 1500 metre time can be predicted by inputting the Total Distance covered in the following equation.

Gender Distance Equation
Male 800 metres Time=217.77778 - (Total Distance x 0.119556)
Female 800 metres Time=1451.46 - (198.54 x Log (Total Distance))
Male 1500 metres Time=500.52609 - (Total Distance x 0.162174)
Female 1500 metres Time=(500.52609 - (Total Distance x 0.162174)) + 10

By comparing your results during the course of the season you can track the effectiveness of your training.

What is being measured again?

This test can help to predict an athlete's 800 metre or 1500 metre time.




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