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12 minute Cooper test


Athletes can use the Cooper VO2 max test to quickly and easily get a measure of their VO2 max.

What is the point?

The VO2 max is considered the best way for athletes to assess their cardio capacity. If you want an alternative to an expensive laboratory test, you can easily determine your VO2 max with the 12 minute Cooper Test.

What do you need?

  • 400 metre track, with 100 metres marked
  • Stopwatch
  • Assistant
How do you do the test?

  • Warm up
  • Run as far as possible in 12 minutes
  • Record your distance to the nearest 100 metres
  • Cool down

What results you'll get :

The value of a test such as this comes from comparing your results over several tests.

Comparative data for the test:

Age Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor
Male 13-14 >2700m 2400-2700m 2200-2399m 2100-2199m <2100m
Females 13-14 >2000m 1900-2000m 1600-1899m 1500-1599m <1500m
Males 15-16 >2800m 2500-2800m 2300-2499m 2200-2299m <2200m
Females 15-16 >2100m 2000-2100m 1700-1999m 1600-1699m <1600m
Males 17-19 >3000m 2700-3000m 2500-2699m 2300-2499m <2300m
Females 17-20 >2300m 2100-2300m 1800-2099m 1700-1799m <1700m

The following table rates performance for athletes:

Age Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor
Male 20-29 >2800m 2400-2800m 2200-2399m 1600-2199m <1600m
Females 20-29 >2700m 2200-2700m 1800-2199m 1500-1799m <1500m
Males 30-39 >2700m 2300-2700m 1900-2299m 1500-1999m <1500m
Females 30-39 >2500m 2000-2500m 1700-1999m 1400-1699m <1400m
Males 40-49 >2500m 2100-2500m 1700-2099m 1400-1699m <1400m
Females 40-49 >2300m 1900-2300m 1500-1899m 1200-1499m <1200m
Males >50 >2400m 2000-2400m 1600-1999m 1300-1599m <1300m
Females >50 >2200m 1700-2200m 1400-1699m 1100-1399m <1100m

The following table can be used with experienced athletes:

Gender Excellent Above Average Average Below Average Poor
Male >3700m 3400-3700m 3100-3399m 2800-3099m <2800m
Females >3000m 2700-3000m 2400-2999m 2100-2399m <2100m

VO2 max

An estimate of your VO2 max can be calculated as follows:

(Distance covered in metres - 504.9) ? 44.73

What is being measured again?

This is an easy way to assess your VO2max.




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