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Stroke Treatment

Getting the proper stroke treatment after suffering is absolutely essential to minimize the damage is causes. You really need to act quickly upon experiencing the symptoms because if you are able to get to the hospital within a sixty minute time frame there are many things they can do for you to help prevent permanent damage. If you don't however, the consequences can be very severe and permanent.

When you first get to the hospital, before performing any type of stroke treatment the doctors will first determine which type you are having. This is usually done by a CT scan that will image the brain.

If it is an ischemic type that you are having, then measures will be taken to help dissolve the blood clot that is occurring. This can be done through a clot-busting drug like tPA, which is given intravenously to break up or reduce the size of the clot in the brain or can be done with a intra-arterial thrombolysis procedure. The latter one will usually be done when the patient cannot make it to the hospital in that sixty minute timeframe.

If the type you suffered from is hemorrhagic, then the methods will be different. Generally the least invasive technique is preferred, as this will really reduce the risk of death or disability compared to more intense surgical operations.

The option that is most common is for a neuroradiologist to insert a catheter through the skin of the groin and then move up the body to the ruptured blood vessel. A special agent is then released that will help to close off the bleeding vessel.

Whatever type of condition you are in though, mild to severe, it is always best to go straight to the hospital. Even if the symptoms do not seem all that severe, this is definitely one condition that you don't want to 'wait out to see if it passes'. If you do that, it may be too late.




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